My name is Cindy and I am the founder and creator of Edith & Evelyn Vintage! I grew up in a very small Southwest Missouri town, a rural community, surrounded with miles and miles of farm land. I was raised by a very strong, savvy mama that was widowed at an early age, leaving her to raise me and my older brother alone and on a tight budget. Edith was a creator, a picker, and a DIYer way before it was cool or trendy. She knew how to create a beautiful home from vintage finds and castoffs, getting the look she wanted without spending a lot of money. Mama scoured yard sales, flea markets, estate sales, and anyplace else she could find, looking for beautiful pieces, at bargain prices, to decorate our small home. If she found treasures that needed repairs, she could do it, and she would magically turn some of the most down trodden pieces into things of beauty! Though her talents were born of necessity, Edith had an amazing, creative eye for transforming trash into treasure. She knew how to “get the look” with minimal cost, and had a beautiful, comfortable style. My love of vintage and antiques comes from her. She taught me the art of “picking” and creating at a very young age, and showed me how to create a beautiful home, no matter the budget, using vintage and antique pieces. She was one of the strongest, most amazing, resilient women I’ve ever known. If Edith were here today, her style would probably be called Farmhouse or Cottage style…..though she did like a little “fancy” thrown in here and there!

At the age of 22, I moved to the deep South, and instantly fell in love with it’s people, food, culture, and traditions. It was there that I met my wonderful husband and my second mama in this story…..Evelyn. My mother in law was a gentle, petite lady with bright red hair, and always dressed to “the nines”. Evelyn was what my mama called a “fancy lady”, and she didn’t mean that in a negative way. They got along famously, and though they had very little in common, they were instant friends the moment they met. Evelyn, a true Southern lady, loved beautiful things…..french furniture, fine china, crystal, silver, and pearls. She was a collector of many beautiful things and could never get rid of anything. She had a formal living room filled with French Provincial furniture, and a dining room filled with gorgeous antique pieces for entertaining. Evelyn never walked out of the house without looking like she was going to high tea, wearing several strands of pearls, and always matching shoes and handbag. She was indeed a fancy, stylish Southern lady. She loved me like her own, and I her. Evelyn’s style definitely leaned toward the French Provincial style.

Both of these beautiful women heavily influenced and inspired my passion for decorating with vintage and antique pieces, and my love of french furniture. When I began my antique business in early 2011, I felt it was only fitting to honor Edith & Evelyn by naming it after them, and so Edith & Evelyn Vintage was born. I have spent so many years thrifting at antique markets, and finding those one of a kind treasures that make a home unique. Buying and selling vintage and antique pieces for E&E Vintage is a way to feed my passion, but also pass those beauties on to others to create their own beautiful homes. I curate our selection very carefully, only offering pieces that truly reflect my own style, or as I like to say, the E&E style!

When I first started blogging, I wrote more about the thrifting, antique markets, and the antique beauties that were heading into the E&E shop. And then, several years ago, the blog evolved into something completely different and unexpected, when I wrote about the home renovation of our new {vintage} home, and how we were designing and decorating each room. We had purchased a beautiful, but sadly neglected, 1970’s French Country home in the same little town that I grew up in. Slowly, but steadily, we are completely renovating the entire home one room at a time. My husband and I are doing all the renovations ourselves and blogging about the process along the way. With each room, we incorporate vintage and antique pieces to create a layered, “collected over time” look. My style is what I like to call Vintage French Chateau, with a bit of Farmhouse thrown in here and there. I love to mix several different decorating styles, channeling my inner Edith & Evelyn, mixing opposites like the gilt of a chandelier dripping in crystals, with a chair upholstered in burlap or an old grain sack. Opposites do attract, and can be perfect together….just like Edith & Evelyn.

Thank you so much for following along on my unexpected journey!



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  1. Hello Cindy,
    I just signed up to follow your blog (saw it on Savvy Southern Style’s post today about your groups upcoming “French Fridays”). I loved reading about your story, as I was wondering where your Edith & Evelyn title came from. Know I know… and appreciate and applaud you honoring the lovely ladies from your past. Looking forward to following along with you. =)

  2. Hello Cindy,
    I have been following your blog for awhile and just took time to read your story. It sure made me smile. My husband and I are from Camden Arkansas. We lived in Texarkana and Hot Springs before moving to Branson in 1995. We have always built and lived in Federal, or Greek Revival style homes. Not too popular in the Nixa/Ozark area! We recently bought a 90acre farm (no house) in Cape Fair, and at the age of retirement want a small farm! I say all this because it means a change to a more farmhouse style for me.I don’t like trendy So it will be a challenge to marry styles. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and inspirational story.

  3. Hi Cindy, I’m so excited to have found your blog. Last night my husband showed me the planked ceiling. It’s been planked for at least a year. I couldn’t bring myself to finish since I didn’t know how to finish it. I didn’t want to paint and I didn’t like any of the stains. I wanted to leave natural but didn’t like the finishes I found until I saw the picture of what you did. I wonder if I can send you a picture of our ceiling see what you think. I want to do just like yours.
    Bea Cannon

  4. What a wonderful story.
    I saw your article about your home in the Springfield News Leader dated August 7, 2016. Misplaced the article until now. Wondering how to send you a picture of a French brass serving cart to see if you have any interest in it.
    Thank you for your time,
    Hoping to hear from you.

  5. Hi Cindy. I just found your site and I think I’m in love with your style as well as the site name. My grandmothers were named Edith and Evelyn.

  6. Hi Cindy, Sweet Story , Thank you for allowing us into your life and beautiful home. I have on several occasions ran across your OH SO FAB blue redo, and I would like to tell you AMAZING !!!! It has taken my breath and my eye’s many times…. You know when it’s special because like a love story, it takes your breath again and again….Lorne

  7. Hi Cindy! I love your storytelling about your mother’s and mother-in-law’s personalities and characteristics. Both women resonated with me in the deepest way, and I am humbled by their lives well lived. Also, I love your ruffled slipcovers on the pair of cane-backed french chairs in your Master Bedroom. I recently bought a similar chair at a Habitat for Humanity Restore, and I will use your idea of sewing a ruffled slipcover. I will change it up slightly by adding cotton twill ties for a farmhouse-style look. Actually, this is my first furniture flip so I am totally jazzed to start this project. Looking forward to updates on your renovations and other tidbits. Thank you for sharing your spirited home with us!

  8. I came across your blog through Pinterest and I’m in love!!! Live your taste and what you have done with your house, such an inspiration! Love love love

  9. Your name caught my attention because my name is Edyhe & my sisters is Evelyn. Then I looked thru all of your Beautiful pics and love your style it’s exactly like ours. Do you have a showroom with your lovely things? I do a lot of DIY from yard sales & thrift store finds.

  10. Thank you for this wonderful, helpful site – un grand merci a vous! Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be shipping to Canada – quelle tristesse. Being from Montreal, QC I am a huge fan of the French style & also love Gustavian.

    • Carolle, we do ship outside the US. Please contact us on the individual items that you may be interested in and we can get you a shipping quote.

  11. Dear Cindy
    Recently you displayed a silver plateau
    I have the same one. Can you give me any details? I believe it is Sheffield
    Beveled mirrow. Thank u

    • Hi Linda! I don’t have a lot of details on it. It belonged to my mother and was passed down to me. She found it many years ago at a yard sale in the bottom of a junk box, and paid very little for it. I’ve not seen another one like since.

  12. Cindy; I found your blog through your family room update featured on Hometalk. It is stunning! I can’t wait to go through all your posts and see your other transformations as other readers have indicated. I just want to say how touching and beautiful your tribute is to the two most important women in your life. You have figured it out girl.

  13. I am new to your blog and I absolutely love your story about the name. I can’t wait to peruse your site! I love your style; I’m a farmhouse/traditional/cottage/French country girl myself.

  14. Wonderful intro.. Your foyer tile was the inspiration I needed when I selected a tile for my porch. Found one similar, just a great look and feel.
    So much enjoy reading your blog. Lots of positive energy here.

  15. Hi Cindy, I love your home and your do-overs, though personally my style is somewhat eclectic. I loved reading about your mom and mom in law, especially both of my moms also famously get along really well. They go on vacations together and talk very high of each other. My MIL also treats me as her own and I her too. I sometimes tell my husband that she loves me more than she loves him, ( I believe that)

    • Sujata, your story makes me smile….I always told my sweet husband that his mama loved me more than him…..and he usually agrees! Thanks for the comment!

  16. Your intro pages is so lovely! What a beautiful story of Edith and Evelyn and such a meaningful way to incorporate them into your work. I am a DIYer, fixer upper, creator, et. al., and I am so glad I came across your blog. One day I might just have an antique business like yours . . . Cheers!

  17. Hi Cindy,
    I receive your emails and love to see what new things you are creating. I too, live in Southwest Missouri (Joplin) and was wondering if you have a shop in the area? Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • Thank you Cassandra! We currently only sell online, however we are hoping {fingers crossed!} to be opening in a retail space soon…..so, stay tuned! Thanks so much for following along!

  18. A lovely story about your two “mamas”. My daughter Elizabeth tells everyone how I dragged her to tag sales, flea markets, auctions etc. I too was a single mother on a very tight budget and loved to decorate. I am new to your blog but can’t wait to receive each edition. Recently I learned that all along my basic love was for French Country and I am still having fun decorating after all these years! Best regards..

  19. hello, I have come across your blog a couple of times from several different places, and have always enjoyed reading. I am from the Monett/Freistatt area so we live close!!! Do you have a store per se in Springfield? Would love to chat sometime!!! Like you I am very drawn to the French country – the style, the colors…. it all just warms my heart! Keep up the great work with the blog!!!

    • Hi Pamela! I know your area well! I don’t have a brick and mortar store anymore, for the time being, we only sell online. So glad someone else loves French Country style, it’s a little difficult finding that particular decor in this area sometimes! So glad to connect with you, thanks so much for following the blog!

  20. Cindy~

    Love reading your story, It was just meant to be how these two names flow together “Edith and Evelyn” how sweet the sound, Im sure both of these ladies would be thrilled! My dear mom and mother in law were special too, but their names together “Ardis and Opal” , not so much, (giggles).

    I was wondering if you spent time in France is why you love this décor? You home is lovely! I am more English tradition so I thought, for looking at these wonderful blogs, I feel I could bounce all over the place at times.


    • Thank you so much Paula! “Ardis and Opal” made me smile. Sadly, I have never spent any time in France. It is on my “bucket list”, so maybe someday! I’m not sure why I am so drawn to all things French, from a past life perhaps?? Thank you so much for following along on my unexpected journey!

  21. Hi Cindy! I stumbled on your FB page because of viral sharing of your kitchen and living room renovation. You have impeccable taste! You have an artist eye for pulling together a beautiful look with common, unrelated items.

    I can’t wait to see the renovations on your bedroom!

    By the way, I love the story you shared on Edith and Evelyn. What a wonderful way to honor your mentors/friends that had such an amazing influence on you.


  22. I love your blog and am so thrilled to have found you. Your photos and stories have helped me to realize my style and that its ok to mix glam with farmhouse and burlap with silk. Your mothers sounded wonderful and I’m sure are quite proud of you. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  23. I love seeing your beautiful home. I grew up in a small town in southeast Kansas. Does that make us neighbors? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your home and skills with everyone.

  24. I just found your blog and love everything about your home. Your story is so sweet. Honoring loved ones that have influenced our lives is so special. You are one special lady…..Keep up the excellent work!

  25. I am in love with everything you do and everything you are about and I’m so excited that I found your site over at Cedar Hill Farmhouse! My mom was a shopper of old things too and her home was a beautiful composition of things both old and new. Thankfully, she passed on that love to me. Hubby and I recently moved to the South and I am having so much fun decorating a house of a different style. He and I don’t have exactly the same taste so it will be a balancing act as I add in the French Country touches. I will be following along with you to see all that you have to share.
    P.S. I don’t usually GUSH so much over a newfound blog 🙂

    • Thank you Patti! I’m so glad you found me! Congratulations on your move to the South! I lived in the South for 30 years, and though I grew up in a little Missouri town, I feel like I am a Southern girl at heart.

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  27. Just wonderful! Everything is a delight and treat for the eyes. Like you, I love the challenge of doing it myself. My husband and and I are moving from Wisconsin to the New Orleans area shortly and my hope is to find a house with great bones that needs some TLC. (By the way, I’m also a Missouri girl – St. Louis is “home”.)

    Just enjoying following your journey!

    • Thank you Maria! Good luck on your upcoming move, I love the New Orleans area! I lived in the South for 30 years and it has a way of getting in your soul! Hope you find the home that is waiting just for you! Thanks for following along!

  28. This is a great introduction page! I was wondering where your blog name Edith and Evelyn came from. How wonderful that you honored these two important people in your life by naming your business after them. I love your easy conversational style and boy is your home interesting and elegant with a definite calm French vibe. Love it!

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