DIY Sheep Decor

Y’all know that I love sheep and using them in our frenchy home decor. Recently I was shopping in a toy store for a birthday gift for our grandson, and happened to walk past a large bin filled with farmhouse animals.


And of course, the sheep figures immediately caught my eye.


They were so stinking cute!

I stood there in the toy aisle, holding one in my hand, thinking there had to be something that I could do with them. So I purchased several and brought them home.


I knew that I had to paint them to get rid of the “plastic toy” finish, and originally thought I wanted a gold metal look, something that resembled old brass. I started by painting all of them solid black and then layered a brassy/bronze metallic paint over it. But it just wasn’t what I had envisioned, so on to Plan B.



 I ended up getting out the chalk paint and dry brushing ASCP Old White over the top of them, leaving the bottom legs and parts of the face black, to give them some definition. Dry brushing them also left bits of the gold showing through, and I liked this result.


I had an idea to form them into a base or pedestal of some sort so that I could change out the display for different looks. So I took a hot glue gun and glued their bottoms together. And here’s what I ended up with.

I placed a round, clear, glass vase on top, making the perfect French farmhouse vase for fresh cut flowers!




I also tried it with an ironstone bowl, using it to hold the scrubber by the sink. You could also easily use this for holding soaps in the bathroom.



Using a small ironstone saucer, it makes a perfect base for a candle.


And this may be my favorite, sitting on top of the fireplace mantel, simply holding a moss ball.



There are so many different ways to use this sheep pedestal. And if you love cows, pigs, or horses, you could use those toys instead!




I bought several more of these little toy sheep and I think I’m going to make one to sit on my desk for a business card holder. Just need to find a small silver tray to sit on top.

So tell me, what would you use this for?

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64 thoughts on “DIY Sheep Decor

  1. what a clever idea. I’m always looking for things that I can take and repurpose. Thank you for sharing. These little guys look like they are from another time Old World. Good Job.

  2. Love all of your ideas, and what a creative way to use these sweet animals…always inspired by your ideas..can’t wait to get out today and see if I can find some for myself! Hope your day is blessed….

  3. Cindy

    I found 3 of the sheep today at toy store !! so excited to have found the little cuties!!

    Wish I could find an old picture with sheep in it too.

    Thank you ,for this super project !!


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  5. Cindy, this is one of the most clever ideas I’ve seen. Great job! I’m always looking for something to elevate a piece. I’ll keep this idea in mind should I find something that would work for me. Yes, very, very clever! And oh, so charming!

  6. I loved this idea!! So cute!! Could you please tell me the author of the book ViNTAGE that was under the sheep in the first picture! It looks like one I would like to own. You have a very creative mind!!

    • Thank you Sheryl! The author of the coffee table book that you are seeing is Nina Hartmann. Her books are amazing and filled to the brim with vintage eye candy. Here is the link to her website I believe they may all be sold out though. She is a Swedish designer and we are one of the distributors for her new books as they are released. She has her newest book being released in September and we will be carrying them. We only have a limited quantity when they are available and they usually sell out quickly.

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  9. I LOVE this idea!! It has struck my fancy beyond imagination! You are an inspiration on so many levels. Thanks for everything!

  10. That is an absolutely adorable idea!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing….I see a Michaels visit in my near future!!
    Be blessed,

  11. I might use them for drawer pulls. I wonder if you could dip. In plaster and let dry to get plaster figures? Trip to dollar store in my near future!!

    • They would be so cute as drawer pulls, especially on an old chippy cabinet! Hmm…the plaster, now that is an intriguing idea. I may have to try that.

  12. I never would have thought to make a base out of four sheep. What a clever idea and so versatile to use in so many settings. Love what you do.
    Carol P-K
    Bensenville, IL

  13. Wow! I am speechless! I notice them in an earlier post and loved them! never imagined they were toy sheeps. It looked like a french antique stand, part of the vase!
    You are so cleaver and creative!
    I love your kitchen counter tops, are they Carrara marble? I have Carrara in my bathroom counters and I would love them for my kitchen as well, but the company who installed them didn’t recommended them for the kitchen. They said they were very delicate to survive in the kitchen. What is your experience with it and would you recommended it for kitchen?
    Thank you so much!

    • Thank you Cristina! Yes, the kitchen counters are Carrara marble. Some stone companies just refuse to sell it for a kitchen. Carrara isn’t as hard as some other stones and will etch and stain. I knew this going in, but I have always loved the way old marble counters look in the European homes and French patisseries. The “patina” they acquire after years and years of use appeal to me. That being said, marble in the kitchen is not for everyone! If the occasional scratch or etching from the acid in a food will bother you, then stay away from it! We went with honed marble and sealed it with a marble sealer, which will need to be resealed every so often. Just make an informed decision. There are some granites and other stones that mimic Carrara, so there are other options if you’d rather not deal with the “patina” that Carrara will undoubtedly acquire. I love ours but it’s definitely not for everyone!

  14. You had me at “Hello” with the chalk paint finish..but, when you glued them together and made a “stand” out of them….Oh la la! I love it! These turned out to be Superlicious! Thank you so much for sharing~ Leticia

  15. You know you’re going to cause all the toy stores to sell out of sheep now, right? It’s such a sweet idea and now we all need to try it! I love the way the finish turned out with all the layers…very pretty.

  16. I so agree with Holly. This reminds me to expect ideas and inspiration to strike at any moment in our lives if we let it. My bet is there is going to be a run in these little critters. Thanks for continuing to open my mind to possibilities. Because of your blog, I have a China cabinet and a antique french chair with ottoman in my garage ready as my next projects♡

  17. Ditto everything everyone else has said! Just amazing how your mind works. Thank you for the inspiration. I collect birds for the Biblical meaning they represent and now want some sheep too.

  18. Cindy, you are the whole package, creative, spiritual, beautiful… And I love what you did with these sheep! Moreover, just reading these comments from your customers and followers, I am thinking for sure that birds of a feather flock together! I can only imagine how fun an Edith and Evelyn Vintage convention, seminar, workshop, and/or Happy Hour would be!❤️

    • Sweet Holly, thank you so much, I’m feeling very blessed today by all the kind words. Hmmm… E&E Happy Hour would be awesome!!

  19. When I wrote to you last week asking about them after spotting them on your May post I had no idea that they were toys! You told me you were going to devote a post to them and now I understand why! I love sheep too and they are especially adorable! Very inspirational, thank you!

  20. I also love sheep, alive or toy. Have been collecting unusual or striking, to me, in some way. Some of them are out all year but all come out at Christmas. They reside under the den Christmas tree which is decorated with ornaments of pine cones, acorns, birds nest, two baby owls, and two pheasants. I love each and every piece as have collected them for years. And almost every time I look at them it reminds me that “we are the sheep of HIS pasture”, loved and cared for by God Almighty..

    • Yes, love that Alice! One of the main reasons I love the sheep is what they represent to me spiritually. Well said.

  21. Wow. Flabbergasted I am. You creative genius, you. Wow. I bow to your awesomeness, Oh Great One (she added sheepishly).

  22. Oh my word….this is so clever, refreshingly different and still beautiful! I was admiring them in a photo in an earlier post thinking it must have been an antique of some sort! Fun!

  23. I am in awe! I like to think I am creative (and I love sheep), but I would n.e.v.e.r have thought of painting these toy sheep! Never. And then, to use them as you have as a charming base for all manner of decor…………I am loving it.

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