French Sconces

There’s a pair of french sconces in a popular catalog that I have swooned over for quite some time. But at almost $400 for a pair, they have stayed out of my (frugal) budget.

Even when they’ve periodically been on sale, they are still a bit pricey.

So I’ve held off on purchasing them, thinking that I would possibly find something that I liked just as much, but without the high price tag.

Sometimes if you’re patient, the perfect piece…..with the perfect price…..will find you.

Which is exactly what happened several weeks ago while attending an estate sale.

As I made my way through the sale, I turned a corner, and lo and behold…….there they were.

Sitting on the floor were a pair of large wood vintage wall sconces!

Everyone else had passed them by… was as if they were waiting for me!

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

They closely resembled the expensive pair in the catalog, and the sale tag listed them at $50.00 for the pair!

That was definitely a price that I could live with, so I happily brought them home with me!

They’re actually vintage Italian Florentine, which I love, and they’re hallmarked on the back side “Made in Italy”.

After I gave them a little makeover, they now work perfectly in the formal living room.

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

Made of wood, the sconces were the perfect size for the wall in the living room, to hang on each side of the trumeau style mirror……..and above those sweet petite french chairs.

Unfortunately, the sconces were painted black…..and while I don’t have anything against black, it wasn’t going to work in our home’s color scheme.

Using my favorite paint from Pure & Original, it was easy to give them a lighter, french look.

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

I used two colors for the sconces, (affiliate link) Pure & Original Pebble Stone and Sea Salt.

I applied a base coat of Pebble Stone and then I dry brushed Sea Salt over the top for highlights.

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

I used a small flat artist’s brush to paint the sconces because I wanted to leave the gorgeous, original gilding, and it was easier to work around that with a smaller brush.

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

Pure & Original Classico chalk paint is wonderful to add texture to a piece.

It is a thicker consistency, almost like silky pudding, so the results can be beautifully smooth or if desired, you can apply it in thicker layers to create texture, which is what I did with the sconces.

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

To age the scones just a bit, I used my homemade glaze.

You’ve heard me talk about this before. It’s such an easy DIY glaze, and very inexpensive.

The glaze is thinned down acrylic artist’s paint in color Burnt Umber.

You can usually find it at any craft store, and it’s my “go to” product when I want to age a piece for a timeworn look….and it’s so much easier than using dark wax, which I find cumbersome to use.

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

I used an artist’s brush and added the glaze to the edges and in some of the details, then wiped back with a damp cloth, creating an aged look. You can make this as heavy or as light as you like. It’s all personal preference.

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

We hung them on each side of the mirror in the living room and it’s the exact look I’ve been wanting….without the high price tag!

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

Patience does pay off!

The living room is coming along, albeit slowly, which is fine with me.

I would rather wait for the right pieces to find me!








89 thoughts on “French Sconces

  1. The sconces turned out beautifully and what a bargain they were. They look so much more expensive now. Also, do you remember where u purchased the cherub which is on the chest between the sconces. He’s absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t even know what to call it if I were to go web “shopping”. Thanks so much! LOVE your posts!

  2. What a great find, I know you were thrilled! They turned out amazing, like everything you do! They look beautiful flanking that gorgeous mirror. What a lovely room!!!

  3. Cindy, your living room is turning out stunning, those sconces are just gorgeous and perfect in your beautiful living room, my dear hubby surprised me this Christmas with the Ballard sconces…and I’m just loving them, i placed them on each side of my mirror above my fireplace. Enjoy your gorgeous living room.


  4. You are blessed and a great shopper. Just think there must be better stuff to find there but heck, I live in Houston. Gotta be good stuff here, just don’t know where to look I guess! Beautiful!

  5. Saw this on the bloggy fifty thread and I must say this is the first time I saw one of your posts, so pretty and love the textures you use throughout your space. I love adding gold here and there. I just sold my home and had touches of gold there, my next home build will be doing the same. Maria

  6. Cindy,
    I have wanted the very same sconces for a long time, but too expensive for me. I am so excited that you found these at such a fantastic price!!!! Love wonderful surprises like this!! They look gorgeous in your lovely home.

  7. Love,love, love those sconces Cindy. God rewarded you for being a good steward of your money. Absolutely love your blog, you are so dear and humble.

  8. Hi Cindy, so what is your secret, what a great find!! How often do you go to these auctions? When you say you patiently wait does that mean you are constantly out looking or you just were at the right auction at the right time?

    I never have that kind of luck.

    • Hi Maggie! Because of my online antiques business, I am continuously attending auctions, estate sales, antique markets, etc. we travel quite a bit every month to several different states searching out specific pieces for our shop, so fortunately I come across a wide variety of antiques and vintage pieces.

  9. Hi Cindy, you have the vision to see the potential in things. These sconces were lucky to find you,and I am lucky to have found you. Love,love, love you and your blog.

  10. Wow, what a find! I love finding a deal! I have the Aidan Gray ones and these look so much like them. The room is really coming along…I love the look of the larger piece of furniture under the picture. Can’t wait to see more. Great job.

  11. Cindy, congratulations! They are perfect! I also noticed changed out the table/dresser between the chairs? Not sure if you’re experimenting or if you already did a post on it, but I like it! I always get excited when I get posts from you. Thank you and Happy New Year!

    • Thank you so much, Joel! I moved the sideboard to the space between the chairs and it fills in much better, but I’m still not sure it will stay….I’m still looking for the right piece!

  12. Those sconces are Gorgeous now that you put your touch on them! Not just anyone can see what you can transform….you have that talent! I love finding treasures like this instead of paying the premium!! I’m always on the hunt even though I don’t need anything….need to sell a lot of stuff. I’m very addicted to house and garden stuff….lol

  13. Really pretty! I always love your take on painting something. I just brought home a frame that could’ve gone with your sconces. Black with lots of gold gilding. I love the finish you put on these. Bravo!


  14. What an amazing find. WOW! And I love what you did with them. Your home looks like a magazine! I love all the detail. I am now going to stalk and drool over all the home pictures I can find here on your blog.
    🙂 gwingal

  15. Thank YOU Cindy – for giving those who read your Blog with “limited” budgets – the faith and confidence that WE can do things in our own homes with less $$. Blessings to you in all your endeavors:)

  16. That feeling when you feel like a piece has found you…it takes your breath away! So special. Love the special way the room is evolving…..I’m sure it will change over and over as you add more pieces to the puzzle.

  17. I also had a couple items I “drooled” over from a very expensive on line design shoppe. I waited and waited but never found anything like them. One day while wondering in a Utah consignment shoppe….I ran across nearly the exact things I had drooled over for two years! The price was a mere nothing compared to what the others sold for on line. The thrill of the find was joyous and the savings was fabulous!… you are so right…patience and the ability to wait for what you want is a wonderful feeling when finally found. I was so pleased to take them home, redo them, painted them, distressed them and everyone that knew me well said….”I can’t believe you finally broke down and bought them.”…..they had given someone else joy and pleasure in their home and now they give me pleasure in ours. I love to upcycle or recycle….. I am tickled that you found your sconces as they are perfect and just lovely and ended up in the best place the previous owners could have asked for… be treasured and loved once again… wonderful!

    • Oh, you are so right, Jann! I love finding those pieces on the “wish list” at great prices! They are worth the wait and mean so much more!

  18. They are BEAUTIFUL and more so after your touch! They are perfect in that space too. Cindy, I would like to ask you for some prayers. My hubby is having open heart surgery tomorrow to replace his aortic valve. Any prayers will be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks so much.

  19. Winter greetings! These are beautiful and fit perfectly in the space! Great find. And of course you made them look beautiful!!!

    Have a blessed week!


  20. Lucky you finding those beauties and what a steal!! I do have the expensive ones, but did luck up on them when they had a good sale plus free shipping so I bit the bullet and got them. Yours are fabulous!

  21. You live a charmed life! I paid through the nose for the original pair!!! I DO love them, but geez, look at your beauties for $50! They are divine perfection!

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