5 thoughts on “Furniture Projects

  1. Thank you Cindy. Your welcoming site is a pleasure to visit and these reimagined painted pieces are glorious. Thanks for being an inspiration!
    I invite you to post recent or favorite new pieces you have completed, to my Pinterest board, as these designs encompass the aesthetic that especially appeals to me.

  2. Hello Cindy, Thank You for a beautiful website. I get up every morning, drink my coffee while enjoying your website. I wondered if you could tell me how to mix darker pieces of furniture with lighter pieces, such as your antique bookcase with the binocalars on it. Most my pieces are dark and I want to start adding lighter furniture and accessories, similar to your rooms. I appreciate your help. Linda

    • Hi Linda! Thank you so much for your kind words! When I started “lightening” up my decor, I took it one piece at a time, slowly adding and replacing with lighter pieces. Some pieces, I painted to lighten them up, I reupholstered or added light slipcovers to pieces here and there. I didn’t do it all at once. I do mix darker, wood pieces in with the light, but I keep it to a minimum, so that the darker pieces are just an accent. Most of my pieces are painted, but the antique bookcase is French and very old. It’s one of those pieces that I would never paint, and it seems to work just fine among the painted pieces! Just take your time and slowly transition to the lighter palette!

  3. Hello Cindy, Absolutely love your kitchen!! I painted my kitchen cabinets, and have found they are chipping where the handles are, from finger nails. Would glazing them protect the cupboards and do you have a tutorial on Glazing Cupboards. thank you and i truly enjoy your blog.

    • Thank you Janet! I don’t think the glazing would keep them from chipping. Glazing is just an antiquing with a glaze, for a distressed finish, it doesn’t really add any protection. Did you use primer on the cabinets before you painted?

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