Our French Debut | Featured in Shabby Style French Magazine

We recently made our French debut in the gorgeous French publication, Shabby Style. It was such an honor to be featured in this beautiful magazine, as well as have two shots on the cover! 

We are in the February/March issue, as well as the January/February issue of the Italian version of Shabby Style.  I was so excited when copies of both the Italian and French magazines arrived in the mail and I was able to see our feature in person.

Our French Debut

I’m a little rusty with my high school french, but I’ve translated some of the highlighted text for you.

“Two Muses, One Inspiration”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“Cindy is the founder and author of the blog and online boutique, Edith & Evelyn Vintage. The name hints at the two loved ones, different but complimentary, who have inspired Cindy since childhood.”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“Cindy likes to mix the rustic countryside heritage of her mother, Edith, with the elegance of old pieces from Europe, from her mother in law, Evelyn.”

“The chairs around the dining table were upholstered by Cindy using french hemp. She explains more on her blog.”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“In the buffet at the end of the room, Cindy displays many old religious statues that come from France.  To showcase their beautiful patina, the furniture inside was painted blue.”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“The sign with the words, “Enfants de Marie”, is an old attendance church board. Cindy says, “I have received many offers to buy it, but I refuse to part with it!”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“The simplicity of the vintage interior marries a refined elegance of the manor house: a marriage that constitutes the identity of Cindy’s brand, Edith &Evelyn Vintage.”

“The lounge chairs were upholstered with two different fabrics: one with calligraphic motifs, and the other solid.”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“By it’s unusual tone, the commode in Louis XV style, in patinated blue, catches the eye.”

“The kitchen is the room that required the most care and patience, explains the hostess, it took 8 months to finish!”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“The oak wood floors contrast with the milky white of the kitchen furniture.”

“An idea to copy: small white shelves to display the tureens and sauce boats….pristine!”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“From my mother, I inherited the ability to transform objects of little value to pieces of beauty, while my mother in law taught me to recognize the beautiful, says Cindy of her two mamas!”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“Another dining space, with round brick floor, when the weather is nice, the large windows are operable allowing one to enjoy a meal on the veranda.”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“The master bedroom has undergone a total transformation! On her blog, Cindy has published the before and after photos: the new created world is unrecognizable!”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“A simple Louis XV sofa acts as a relaxation space.”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

“On the wall, behind the caned headboard, Cindy has installed three different vintage mirrors to expand the space.”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

Our French Debut

“The religious antiquities, especially the French, are Cindy’s favorite pieces. Her online boutique reflects this passion.”

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

Our French Debut | Edith & Evelyn Vintage | www.edithandevelynvintage.com

I wish you could see this magazine in person, it’s such a beautiful publication, but unfortunately it is only sold in Europe. We were a little stunned that we received a 21 page spread, plus two shots on the cover. Needless to say, Shabby Style is sitting in a prominent spot on my coffee table. Sometimes blessings come to us wrapped up in packages that we weren’t expecting! Very grateful.

If Edith & Evelyn were still here, they would be getting such a kick out of seeing their names in print, and in a French magazine at that! Very fancy, indeed!



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  1. Hi Cindy! I have to say, I am not surprised at all. You and your hubby have created a European haven right here in the U.S. You have poured your love, sweat, maybe some tears into creating an amazing home. The transformation is truly unbelievable.
    You are inspiring and a genuinely kind person. I cannot wait to see what is in your future….a book…. DIY show on TV…..the possibilities are endless. Your family is smiling down upon you.


    • Aw, Barb, you humble me with your sweet comment. Thank you, that means so much to me. I hope you are doing well, I think of you often! Prayers to you sweet friend.

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  3. Wow, what a beautiful tribute to your mothers. Well deserved! Your home should be in many magazines, as everyone would be in awe of what you two have accomplished. It is amazing. You are my favorite blog bar none.

  4. Congratulations Cindy! How exciting this must be for you and your husband! Your home is just beyond gorgeous and I so enjoy followingyour blog. Every photograph is so beautiful and inspirational. Also I wanted to let you know I got some Pure and Original paint and painted a small french table. It turned out beautifully. You are right- this paint is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Cindy~

    I am so happy for you, I know you and your hubby works hard on making the house into your beautiful home. ‘” Thank you” for sharing and welcoming us viewers in for a visit. Yes, indeed your mothers would be pretty honored, its hard to be humble when something this exciting happens to wonderful people!
    Happy St.Valentines Day !!

    p.s how did you collect all your beautiful French religious statues? very pretty

    • Thank you so much Paula! Yes, Edith & Evelyn would indeed be tickled to see their names in a french magazine! My religious statue collection sort started accidentally. I originally bought them to sell in the online shop and I became enamored with the serenity and beauty in them, and I just couldn’t part with some of them. The collection has evolved over time, I’ve sold and replaced some over time, tweaking here and there. Start with just one!

      • Cindy,
        I have my daddy’s First Communion cert. from 1941, it is so pretty and they don’t come like that anymore (I should have it Framed) ?? And several old family rosaries and little pray books.
        Have a blessed day,

      • Yes, definitely have it framed! What a wonderful piece to have! You’re right, they don’t make them like that anymore. If you have a glass cloche, it would make a wonderful display to put the prayer books and rosaries inside of it!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! Such a wonderful job, and so well deserved. Know you must be thrilled, and I’m sure Edith and Evelyn are looking down and smiling right now.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS, Cindy!!!!! If this is not Recognition what is????? Who would not want to be in a FRENCH MAGAZINE!!!!! Well now you KNOW how BEAUTIFUL your home is without me saying….BUT I have to say it again….JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! Your decorating taste is SO in CUE with the French it is no surprise to me!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a wonderful feature but it is so well deserved. Your home is amazing, gorgeous and so inspiring. I am sure Edith and Evelyn are looking down and smiling. How can we get a copy? Is that possible?

    • Thank you so much Pinky! Yes, Edith & Evelyn would be so tickled to see their names in a French magazine! Unfortunately, the magazines are only sold in Europe, I wish they were available to order!

  9. Bonjour Cindy,

    J’ai connu votre blog grâce à l’article paru dans la revue Shabby Chic que j’ai lu le week end dernier et depuis, tous les soirs, je consulte un peu de vos archives et c’est
    un vrai bonheur!
    J’aime la façon dont vous êtes en train de redecorer votre maison.
    Je fais la même chose chez moi depuis quelques années avec du mobilier français ancien ( des fauteuils Louis xv et Louis Xvi ou de style gustavien entre autres) et je fais beaucoup de brocantes dans ma région Bordeaux mais aussi à Paris ( Saint Ouen et Bastille) et dans le Sud….
    En mars je pars à L’Isle sur Sorgue chiner sur un salon qui a lieu à Pâques.
    Un nouvel antiquaire s’est installé spécialisé dans le style gustavien.
    C’est cher mais il a des pièces remarquables. L’an dernier, par manque de place, je n’ai pu acheter une superbe banquette d’epoque.
    J’espère trouver un jour une pendule Mora car je les aime aussi beaucoup.
    Je vais suivre fidèlement vos reportages auxquels je suis devenue accro.
    Un grand merci pour vos conseils et vos adresses ( je vais essayer d’acheter quelques coloquintes en velours) cela témoigne d’une grande générosité de votre part.
    Bonne soirée

    • Bonjour Cathy! Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires douces! Je suis très jaloux de vos marchés d’antiquités fabuleux, et il est sur ma liste de souhaits qu’un jour je serai en mesure de visiter quelques-uns d’entre eux! J’aime mélanger les meubles français et gustavien, il est difficile de trouver ici dans les Etats, mais la chasse car il fait partie de l’aventure! Merci beaucoup pour suivre le long et vos commentaires douces!

  10. Congratulations on both features!! What an honour ! However, I am not surprised in the least. Your home is beautiful , one of my favourite in blogland! Your rooms act as a go to for me all the time.
    Congratulations again.
    Hugs, Gee

  11. Cindy
    From one woman to another I say, “Thank you for sharing your journey, your beautiful work ethic, your loving spirit and your smile”. Congratulations and may a bright light shine on your tomorrows.

  12. My favorite blog! Your home is beautiful and I can’t imagine all the work and imagination you and hubby had to do to accomplished this. You have been blessed with a wonderful gift, one you have thoroughly use. I love it when a dream comes full circle.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve dreamed up for the foyer and stairway.

  13. Congratulations Cindy for being featured in the French magazines! Featuring you in a 21 page spread is quite an honor! I’ve followed your blog for a long time and always look forward to it! All of your hard work and vision is paying off…….and I love your before and after shots! We all wish we could have the magazine in our hands, but love that you shared all of this with us!!

  14. Cindy, I know you and your husband are so proud of what you have accomplished. It is a beautiful home and decorated in a casual elegant style. When I think of French Country the way I’d like it, your home hits the nail on the head !!! Everything is perfection, down to the little ram head with the boxwood wreath. I spend most of my spare time now, searching your Edith and Evelyn shop and others trying to imitate your look. What a well deserved honor to be featured in as well as on the front cover of this wonderful French magazine. WOW …. such an accomplishment and know Edith and Evelyn are behind you every step of your journey. Much love sent your way, Kathy

    • Oh, thank you so much Kathy! I know Edith & Evelyn would get such joy, and be so tickled, to see their names in a French magazine!

  15. Congratulations Cindy! What a flattering spread! I love your home, your style and your creative talents! Look forward every day to your blog! P.S. If you ever want to sell that gorgeous blue sideboard/dresser please call me!!!! 🙂

  16. WOW….all those wonderful pictures…I never tire of looking at them and studying your style and ideas! (Have I ever mentioned a book?? Hahaha). Tres bien and congratulations….you deserve it!

  17. Congratulations, Cindy. It really is stunningly beautiful and a well deserved honor for your vision and expertise.

  18. Congratulations, this was a great honor and you and your husband so deserve. It is a wonderful thing to know that the two ladies that inspired you are being recognized in such a deserving way. Your home is beautiful and an inspiration to others to see what hard work and a vision can accomplish. This was a wonderful Valentine present to both of you…the love you two have brought to a home that had a lot of love with the previous owners.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment Daphne! Edith & Evelyn would indeed be thrilled to see their names in a French magazine!

  19. I remember standing in front of the magazine display in a grocery store in France and wanting to bring home every copy of their glorious magazines….Congratulations on such a magnificent feature….so well deserved. Your home is beyond amazing Cindy. Edith and Evelyn are proud!

    • Thank you so much Shirely! John and I were sitting here last night talking about how we wished Edith & Evelyn were still here to see their names in print. They would be getting such a kick out of it!