The Study Renovation Has Begun and A Pier Mirror Update

The study renovation has finally begun.

We intended to have it completed by the end of last year, but the holidays, and travel, got in the way and everything was delayed until now.

We started with the ceiling by planking over the old popcorn.

The Study Renovation Has Begun | Edith & Evelyn |

This is my favorite way to cover up the hideous popcorn.

If you would like to see the tutorial on planking a popcorn ceiling, you can see it here.

The Study Renovation Has Begun | Edith & Evelyn |

The Study Renovation Has Begun | Edith & Evelyn |

Once the planks were all installed, I pickled the wood using Minwax pickling stain to give it a whitewashed look, allowing the wood grain to show through.

The Study Renovation Has Begun | Edith & Evelyn |

Please excuse the quality of the photos, this room is so hard to photograph.

The Study Renovation Has Begun | Edith & Evelyn |

The French chandelier is original to the house, but unfortunately it will be replaced. Some of the electrical sockets are damaged and aren’t working, so it is coming down and will have to be repaired, and probably rewired. It’s also a bit small for the room, so I’ve purchased another fixture that will be installed in it’s place. Once this one is repaired, I will use it in another room, because it is definitely a beauty.

The Study Renovation Has Begun | Edith & Evelyn |

Now that the ceiling is finished, we will start on the walls next… stay tuned.


Several months ago, I shared a list of project furniture that has been sitting in storage, waiting for me to tackle them.

I have finally finished another piece, the Pier Mirror. (You can see my entire “project list” here if you’re interested.)

This is what the Pier Mirror looked like in it’s “before” stage.

The Project List | Edith & Evelyn Vintage |

I found this antique Pier mirror many years ago in a dirty, cramped antique shop in Alabama.

When I first saw it in the shop, it was behind a bunch of other furniture, and I could only see the top of it peeking out. I climbed over some furniture, moved some aside, wriggled between others, finally reaching the pier mirror all the way in the back corner.

I knew immediately that it was coming home with me.

It’s really heavy and I have always wanted to gild it to give it it’s “fancy” back, and to do that,  I used Modern Masters paint in Olympic Gold, giving it two coats.

An Antique Pier Mirror | Edith & Evelyn |

Once the second coat was dry, I glazed it with my homemade glaze, letting the glaze get down in the nooks and crannies of the beautiful details, giving it a bit of antiquing and definition.

An Antique Pier Mirror | Edith & Evelyn |

An Antique Pier Mirror | Edith & Evelyn |

If you are interested in my homemade glaze and how to use it, you can check out this post here for more details.

There’s a piece of the detail at the top of the mirror that was missing when I purchased it.

I thought about trying to add an appliqué to fill in the area, but I ended up leaving it as is. There’s something about imperfections in a piece that I’m drawn to.

Scars and flaws show it’s history and tell it’s story.

An Antique Pier Mirror | Edith & Evelyn |

An Antique Pier Mirror | Edith & Evelyn |

I love the way it turned out. Gold is fast becoming my favorite neutral.

Now I just have to figure out where I’m going to put it!



70 thoughts on “The Study Renovation Has Begun and A Pier Mirror Update

  1. Hi Cindy. What are your thought on where to place chandelier I a den/study. Would you center in the room. I don’t know what I’m putting in this tiny room yet, but a burst pipe is the reason for a room redo in our case

  2. Have you thought of Lumber Liquidators unfinished wide plank flooring for your ceilings? Love your tutorials. Keep creating and inspiring the rest of us!

  3. Hi again, cindy. I asked a few questions recently, as we’re about to start our ceiling plank project, and I have a couple more…first, in the original ceiling post you mentioned pickling them before hand might have been easier, but I see in the study project that you pickled after installing planks again, and I wanted to ask why this is the preferred method? Do you think pickling before might warp them and make them harder to fit tog ether? How hard is it to work over head pickling once up? Lastly, how long were your nails? I saw that they were 18 gauge. Thanks again, looks like the study is going to be gorgeous as well!

    • The reason I pickled the boards after they were installed is because of the quality of the boards. Because they are inexpensive and thin, there were boards in each package that were damaged or warped in some way and we needed to exchange them. If I had stained all of the boards before installation, and then found that they wouldn’t work due to warping, we wouldn’t have been able to exchange them. It really wasn’t difficult at all to stain after they were installed. I didn’t find any issues with it. The nails were 1.5″ nails. I hope this helps!

  4. Hey Cindy! Just a note this morning as we finish up paneling my kitchen and dinig area you said I could do it and I did ,well with much help from my precious patient hubby! its was abt 600 sq ft, the painted popcorn is gone! Thank You Jesus! thanks for the post and great details, still need to pickle it, but so glad to be this far!
    Thanks Again, Jackie

  5. After seeing your post on ceiling planking, I decided to do the same. I stained a few boards after they were installed with minwax classic gray. THEN I decided I didn’t like that so I bought the white pickling which I like. So I’m going to have to remove about 10 planks!
    WHY didn’t I test the backside of a piece first?

    Anyway, did you only put one coat of the white pickling on your ceiling? Did you use a brush? Cloth? No preconditioner on the wood?

    Thank you for your tutorials!

    • Hi Tracy! I did the exact same thing, only I painted with white paint! After painting four boards, I realized that I didn’t like it at all, so we had to remove those boards and replace….lesson learned! I only used one coat of the pickling stain. Working one section at a time, I brushed the stain on and then immediately wiped it back with a slightly damp cloth. Of course, if you want the pickling a little heavier, let it sit a minute or two before you wipe it back. I wanted ours to have a very light pickling so that I could see the wood grain and knots through, so I immediately wiped it back after I applied it with a brush. I didn’t use any pre-conditioner on the wood. Hope that helps!

  6. Just came across your blog based off of the popcorn ceiling planking method and love it! Did you end up getting a different wood for your study’s plank or using the same one in your master bedroom? I noticed you mentioned to get a higher quality so wanted to know if you did and if there is a big difference. Thank you!

    • Hi there! We actually ended up using the same wood and Lowe’s has improved the quality of it, so it’s much easier to work with now!

      • Did you have to return any pieces again? I noticed you waited until you had installed everything to do finish again this time, was there a reason you didn’t do that before installation?

      • Hi Claire! We ended up having to exchange three packages of boards this time, which wasn’t really that bad. They have improved the quality. Using this type of board, I prefer to stain after it’s installed, but this is just my preference. Many people find it easier to finish the boards prior to installing.

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  8. how did I miss this post?! I get so excited to see glimpses of the study. I would have been thrilled right after the ceiling was done. Loved that chandelier whether it works or not!! Could be pretty in a bird cage stand as a lamp if you think its too small. Anyway your house is fantastic and so is your vision. I love everything, including the giant pier mirror. I am looking for one myself…no place to put it, but I am looking anyway.

  9. Good morning Cindy! It’s so good to see another post from you! I always look forward to seeing your projects! Your room is going to be another stunner when it’s complete. I love the mirror and love it both ways but the bling will fit perfectly in your decor. Sweet RubyLou is so adorable in front of the mirror! She’s the perfect little girl that steals the show! I love your planked ceilings and the pickling is just perfect.

  10. I have missed your frequent posts as I’m always in tune with your beautiful decor and so look forward to it. After reading all the comments, I think I must be the only one who loves the mirror in the “before” stage..I still love that distressed, faded white chippy look. I’m french country all the way, but that farmhouse look is slowly creeping up on me, too. Luckily, it’s an easy combo to incorporate. Anyway, your house is gorgeous and you’ll have a home to be proud of.

  11. I love your room! I love your mirror! I love your chandelier! When I was reading your post – I thought you might want to sell your chandelier – oh well, it is gorgeous.

  12. I know the room is going to be beautiful! Love the ceiling! LOVE the mirror! What junk shop in Alabama did you get it out of? (I’m from AL, so just curious.) So glad you are saving the chandie…it is soooo pretty!

    • Florence, I don’t remember the name of the shop, I’m not even sure it’s still there, but it was in Foley, on Hwy. 59. It was dark, and dirty, and packed with furniture!

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  14. Cindy,
    You have made lots of progress in your study with the planked ceiling. And your gold painted mirror is beautiful. I am about to paint a gold colored mirror with white paint… just the reverse of your project. Like others, I am looking forward to seeing your finished study.


  15. Love how the mirror came out! Do you do all the painted pieces yourself, or does hubby help?
    Can’t wait to see the finished study. Always get excited when I see a post from you!


  16. Hi ~CindY~,
    Always so exciting to emails from you< I love seeing what you are up to !! 🙂 Your mirror is definitely worth the dig out !! 🙂 Beautiful indeed !!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your "Study" 🙂
    Happy belated St.Valentine's xox

    p.s. I am planning on doing my kitchen ceiling like yours, hope it looks as wonderful!

  17. I love when I see your post pop up…lol….your study will be such a beautiful room, can’t wait to see how it all comes together….
    Ohhhh how beautiful your mirror turned out, I love the gold paint it really makes her stand out….I’m sure where ever you choose to place her, she will look gorgeous….


  18. Your study is going to be beautiful! I can hardly wait to see where the lovely light fixture ends up. Love the mirror and your fuzzy model posing by it. Too cute!

  19. There’s Ruby Lou!! Oh, she is so cute. I want to put a little French beret on her head, a white artists smock with black satin bow at her neck and a paint brush in her tiny bite with just a smidgen of gold paint on the tip. As your official assistant, I’m sure she was close by, watching your every touch. She just makes me giggle.

    Your juggling act getting to that mirror is exactly what I would do, too. Don’t you just love it when you discover a find like that? You can’t wait to get it in the car! I, uh, have a few (my hubby says too many) furniture projects awaiting for the same love. It’s just when you see them, you KNOW if I don’t get it then, you’ll be thinking about it a year later, because you didn’t buy it. Or worst yet, go back and it’s gone, only to have the clerk tell you, “Oh, I just sold that an hour ago”. *sigh*. Yours is now a true treasure.

    The woodwork in that library is stunning. Just perfect for an office and painting it will make all the difference. Is there a way you can brighten the floor by sanding and pickling them, too? The parkay is just so pretty. I know some people think is dated, but the expense of doing that now days would be high. I so look forward to your news and can’t wait to see what you do next. Well done you!!

  20. Oh my! I love that mirror painted in gold. I too love a lot of gold in my house, you know that other bling! You certainly have great taste. The ceiling looks good also, anxious to see what you do to paneling. AND, that French fixture is gorgeous. But RubyLou steals the photos….she is just adorable!

  21. I love how you “pickled” the planking on the ceiling! I am a lover of wood and seeing the grain so love this treatment. The mirror is gorgeous! You transformed it beautifully, but then everything you touch turns to gold!!!!!! Pun intended! Can’t wait to see the reveal of the study. You are amazing!

  22. Can’t wait to see the finished study, I know it will be beautiful. Love, love, love that mirror. I remember when you first showed it. I love vintage and unique mirrors, that one is a beauty!

  23. Cindy, I’m excited that you’ve started on that room – I can’t wait to see what you’ve decided to do with the walls and decorate it. I’m sure it will be as stunning as the rest of your home and all the projects you’ve tackled! What a beautiful mirror!! Gold IS a great neutral!

  24. At first I thought oh, please do not paint that gorgeous paneling.After looking at the pictures you have of painted paneling, I think you are right. It is beautiful. I am even looking at the bookshelves in my study and thinking what if I painted them? Love love love your blog and all the pictures of your beautiful home. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Thank you Charlotte! I’ve spent months trying to make a decision about what to do about those paneled walls, and I have finally made a decision! So stay tuned!

  25. It was such a treat seeing your post pop up in my email. I have loved the way you have planked the ceilings over the “popcorn” and this ceiling is so beautiful the way you have given it the “pickled” look….Love seeing the grain of the wood. The mirror..oh be still my heart!…You, as always did a magnificent job in transforming it! Can’t imagine the look on your face when you discovered it in that antique shop!! So looking forward to seeing you and your hubby transform the study into a room of nothing short of elegant!

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