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I have finally gotten around to decorating the foyer for Christmas. I started decorating early this year, thinking I would get it all done, and then be able to sit back and enjoy the greenery and twinkling lights. But, you … Continue reading

Latest Estate Finds!

We’ve been busy, busy, busy getting some of the latest estate finds listed in the shop!  We have found some beauties!

This is a French marble angel statue.

Isn’t she gorgeous?!?


She is solid white marble, she came out of a Pennsylvania Catholic diocese, dating to the late 1800’s.

Hesitated about selling her, but decided I would put her in the shop……she sold the same day!


Another favorite is this French Juvenia Paris mannequin.


I’m nutty about mannequins anyway, especially if they are French!  This one is from the 1940’s with the original wood stand.  Juvenia Paris mannequins are quite hard to find so we were excited when we found this one in a Georgia estate!

Probably one of my most favorite pieces that we have ever found is this:


We actually have been able to get two of these 1870-1880 plaster stations of the cross.  They are amazing works of art.  The artist was a master and reminds me a lot of the Daprato statues, however I haven’t been able to find a signature on any of them.


The pictures really don’t do them justice.


They came out of a Pennsylvania church that closed many years ago and have been stored in an attic since then.  We will probably never see another like these.

They are stunning!

And of course, we have found several trophy cups.


They are getting harder and harder to find!  I actually think my husband had some old ones many years ago when we got married…….I probably threw them out…..or donated them to Goodwill……who knew they would be so collectible now?!?

Wish I had them back.

How many times have I said that before?!?

And of course, we are always looking for lovely Madonna statues.


This one is beautiful, from Hungary with the original 1924 label on the base.


I’m crazy about this German butcher shop pig and cutting board showing all the different sections of meat!  Language is in French, German, and English!  Farm animals are suddenly becoming extremely sought after in a lot of Country French, Farmhouse, and Cottage decorating!DSC_0006

Love this old French field cross, made of cast iron, it is quite heavy!  I love these and don’t find them very often…….I’m sure when this one sells, I am going to be quite sad.  But my hubby keeps telling me that I can’t keep what I buy to sell!  And he’s right, but some things are just very special!

And some things……well, let’s just say they stay for a long time before I list them in the shop!

Sometimes, they just have to “live with me” first……

I can see him rolling his eyes as I say this!


We have also found quite a few French mustard pots and English marmalade jars recently.

Love them.

Collect them.

But also try to sell some of them and not keep them all!

Need to get back to the South for another pickin’ trip………love, love the South for finding treasure!  Will be heading that way in a couple of weeks!

I’ll let you know what we find!



“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”