French Country Fridays

Happy Friday, dear friends! I’m so happy to be joining a few of my favorite blogging buddies for a new weekly series, called French Country Fridays, where we will be sharing all things French Country!  French country style is a … Continue reading

Petite French Chairs and Living Room Progress

Petite French Chairs and Living Room Progress | Edith & Evelyn |

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Our holidays were wonderful, a bit quiet, and very bittersweet without my sweet sister here, but we felt her presence with us throughout the holidays. Now … Continue reading

Farmhouse Cottage Decor

I was recently asked to create a Farmhouse Cottage inspiration board for Hometalk, featuring some of my favorite designs and projects reflecting this particular decorating style.

Hometalk Inspiration Board

Hometalk Inspiration Board

If you aren’t familiar with Hometalk, it’s a wonderful how-to home and garden online community, where you can discover brilliant and affordable ideas for your home and garden.  You can also ask questions and get firsthand advice from amazing homeowners and pros across the country.


Today, there are many interpretations of Farmhouse Cottage style.  There’s modern farmhouse, shabby farmhouse, french farmhouse, yada, yada, yada.  My interpretation of it may be completely different than yours, and that’s ok, it’s your style!  And no, you don’t have to actually live in a farmhouse to incorporate this look into your own home!  

Farmhouse decor is a reflection of a more relaxed, simplified, vintage inspired way of life.

French Country Cottage

French Country Cottage

Farmhouse Cottage style can be very simple, rustic, or primitive.  It can also have a shabby, elegant, or romantic tone.  Or it can incorporate bits and pieces of all of these elements.

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

I love the simplicity of Farmhouse Cottage style, but I also naturally lean toward anything frenchy, and I love gilt!  I tend to mix several styles, and have never been one to follow the “rules” of decorating.  Most of the time, I fly by the seat of my pants.  I’m sure somewhere there are professional designers cringing over that statement!  

Shabby Sweet Cottage

Shabby Sweet Cottage


Our Hometalk inspiration board is filled with lots of beautiful projects and photos, so that you can get some ideas for creating your own Farmhouse Cottage look!

Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor

Come visit with us on Hometalk and check out the board, click through the projects, see which one speaks to you and reflects your own personal Farmhouse Cottage style!

Confessions of a Plate Addict

Confessions of a Plate Addict

Blessings, Cindy

Farmhouse Cottage Chic Table……Is That Even a Decor Style?

There’s a local antique mall that I frequent on occasion and I hadn’t been there in awhile,

so yesterday I told hubby that I needed cheering up (this week has been a challenging one!) and that I would like to go do a little “fleaing”.  


So we headed for the antique mall……nothing lifts my spirits quicker than doing a little treasure hunting!


When we arrived, we made pretty quick work of it, there just wasn’t a whole lot that spoke to me.

 We had just about reached the last aisle and hubby was saying something about food, when we rounded the corner and there she sat!  


In all her chippy, flaky beauty!  

A small size duncan phyfe, round, three legged table, with extremely flaky chippy white paint!  I heart chippy, flaky paint!  


I immediately cried out, “I love her!”.  Hubby…..not so much…..he looked at me like I was crazy!


 When will the man learn, I mean it’s only been 26 years!  

As I was climbing over a few things that were in my way to get a closer look,

hubby stops me, and  starts saying something about “let’s think about it”………was he NUTS?!?  


How was he not swooning over her?!?

 Did he not see how beautiful she was in her

farmhouse cottage chic style?!?  

(yes, in my world that is most definitely a decor style!). 


Hubby:  “Don’t you want to think about it?”

Me: ” Think about it?? Ok….yes, I will think about it.  Ummm…..yes I’ve thought about it.  I WANT it!!”

Hubby: ” No, let’s think about it over lunch.”

Me: “I LOVE her, I WANT her!”

Hubby:  “Let’s think about it.”

(which translates into, “Dear Lord, here we go again, another piece of furniture that I know better than to ask “where will you put it?”)

Me: “I want her”……………and then I give him the “look”… know……the “I’m not walking out of her without it” look.

Hubby:  “Ok, just let me get it unloaded and I will carry it up front.”


I love that man.  He just puts on a good show.  He’s really a pushover!

I Love her so, she is beautiful!


 I don’t want a lot of furniture with this much peely paint, but this little darlin’ just looks so lovely!  

And I love the contrast of adding a little bit of gilt accessories on top.





And hubby even commented last night that he likes her as well!  Of course!

Have a wonderful weekend!