French Sconces

French Sconces | Edith and Evelyn |

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My Favorite Estate Sale

My Favorite Estate Sale | Edith & Evelyn |

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A Swedish Mora Clock….Sort of…

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A Little Vintage Treasure

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Easy Upholstery Project

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Old Books and Opera Glasses

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Fresh Picks

We did a little treasure hunting over the holiday weekend and found several nice things to bring into the shop.  We’ve also been getting some of our shipments in from France and I though I would share a few sneak … Continue reading

Fresh Picks

We just returned from a few days of treasure hunting in my favorite Southern locale and found some amazing things.  Opening the boxes once they were unloaded from the trailer was as much fun as Christmas morning!


I like to get it all spread out and look at it after it is unpacked.  Sometimes when we are at these estate sales, we have to act very quickly and just grab items when we see them lest they be grabbed by someone else!  Many times, I don’t get a close look at them until I get them home and get them unpacked.



As soon as the doors opened at this estate sale, I head in one direction and hubby heads in another, trying to cover as much ground as we can.  Luckily, he knows exactly what I am looking for and is developing a pretty good eye.


We found some gorgeous things that I am going to have a very hard time letting go of.  Some beautiful antique religious pieces (my weakness) from France made my heart skip a beat when I saw them.  Beautiful antique French altar frontal banners with the most amazing appliques and beading.  The altar frontals are appliqued with the extremely rare agnus dei and pelican symbols.  These are two that I have been in search of for quite some time.   



These were used in the French churches during high mass and the beading, appliques, and needlework are works of art.  I almost got lightheaded when I spied them!


We also picked this gorgeous marble Holy Spirit altar piece, a stunning white marble French crucifix, a beautiful pair of chalices still in the original velvet box, a couple of lovely Mary statues………



…….some very large trophy cups, bronze cherub sconces, old scales, french books, mannequins……..


…….an amazing piece of antique architectural salvage, the spire off of a church,  French statues, clocks……….



……..marble busts and icons, and many other small items.  We also came back with some big French dough bowl trenchers, French grain sacks, one of them monogrammed (these are getting harder to find), wicker wrapped French demijohns, some seltzer bottles and an old bottle crate.


And of course we found sheep!  We are always looking for sheep, we love them and can’t keep them in the shop.  We found several nativity sheep and this wonderful old print of a shepherd herding his sheep that has the best look to it!



This particular sale was filled with so many European religious pieces from a large collector in New Orleans.  We had the best time even if it was a whirlwind trip!  Now it’s time to see what I can part with and get it listed in the shop!  That’s the hard part…….because I only buy what I love for the shop, it’s sometimes a little difficult to let it go!  




Yes, I did manage to find a couple of French chairs…………..

I know, I know……

I probably need an intervention at this point!