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If someone had told me five years ago that our home would be featured in a magazine, I would have probably laughed. It wasn’t something that I had even dreamed about, but sometimes God opens doors for you that you … Continue reading

A Favorite New Find

When you’re in the business of buying and selling vintage and antique goods, it’s hard to let go of some of the special pieces. However, I usually don’t keep much of what I find. The majority of it goes into the … Continue reading

A Little Vintage Treasure

Early last week, we decided to take a little trip down South to visit our three children in Alabama and Florida. And of course, it also provided an opportunity to stop at some of our favorite spots to search for … Continue reading

Old Books and Opera Glasses

Now that the renovation of the den is finished, I’ve been trying to tweak the decor a little bit.  While we are renovating, we’ve left a lot of things packed in boxes until each room is completed.  It’s been fun … Continue reading

The China Cabinet Transformation

I’ve had this great French Provincial china cabinet sitting in the garage for awhile, just waiting for it’s transformation.  I bought it about 8 months ago at an estate sale and knew that it would fit perfectly into an inset area in the den, once that room was renovated.

Here is what the cabinet looked like when we brought it home from the estate sale.


And here is my inspiration photo.  I have loved this painted cabinet featured in Annie Sloan’s book, “Color Recipes for Painted Furniture”, and knew that I wanted to try to duplicate the look with just the right piece.  The china cabinet fit the bill.


And here is what she looks like after her transformation!  Not exactly like Annie’s piece, but close!



I am loving the way it turned out!  In case you haven’t been following along, we have been completely renovating a 1970’s French Country Ranch home, room by room.  As we breathe new life into each room, we are lightening everything up with neutral colors of white and gray.


I love adding pops of color against all the neutral background colors and blue is one of my favorite colors to do that with.  Plus it works great with the gray tones we are using on the walls. 


The den {final reveal coming soon} is just off the kitchen and it has a small inset area next to the patio doors.  I wanted a “frenchy” style cabinet that I could display some of my French religious collectibles in.  I think this piece worked out perfectly!



I painted the inside ASCP Aubusson Blue.  Annie used Greek Blue in her piece, but I didn’t have that color and really didn’t want to go buy any.  I painted the French buffet in the kitchen with Aubusson Blue as one of the base colors and loved how it turned out, so I went with that color on the inside of this cabinet.




Aubusson Blue is a strong blue and since the cabinet interior will be in shadow during different times of the day, I wanted a strong color on the inside.



The base coat on the outside is ASCP French Linen, another favorite color of mine.  It’s a gorgeous darker gray.  I ended up doing two coats of the French Linen and once it was dry, I added a coat of clear wax.



Once the coat of clear wax was dry, I mixed up a thin wash of ASCP Paris Gray and Old White.  I thinned it with water and taking one section at a time, brushed on the the thin wash, then taking a rag, I dragged it through the paint to create a washed, dragged, and distressed effect.


I then took a fine sanding sponge and did some light distressing to the edges.


The top coat was a mix of clear and dark wax.  I like to mix a bit of dark wax into some of the clear wax, keeping it in a separate tub.  This mixture gives me an antiqued look without dealing with full strength dark wax, which can be hard to manipulate sometimes.


After letting the cabinet dry for 24 hours, I buffed it with a soft towel to give it a wonderful sheen.


It fits perfectly into the inset in the den and I love the colors.  I’m slowly getting some of the French religious pieces placed inside.  At some point, we may add interior lighting to the cabinet, but for now, we will leave it just as is!


The den is nearing it’s end in the timewarp renovation and is just about ready for it’s final reveal.  I just need to do a little tweaking first!  The dining room will be next and we have already started on it.  It’s another room that is directly off the kitchen, so it will be nice to see that one completed.  The popcorn ceiling is already scraped and we are working on removing the avocado green flocked wallpaper!  Fun times! 

Blessings, Cindy

Estate Sale Picks and Shipments from France

We found some wonderful vintage treasure at an estate sale last weekend and some of my shipments from France are finally coming in!  They are so much fun to unpack.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the pieces that have recently arrived.


This has been the week for religious statues, I couldn’t believe how many we found on our picking trip as well as a few special ones that arrived in our French shipment.  Two of the Madonna’s are quite large and make quite a statement.  We found one that is also carved wood, which is a rarity.  Those don’t come along very often.


I love cherubs and we found some really cute ones on this trip.  This one is part of an old Victorian ink well.  It’s a pretty large size and would look amazing sitting on a desk or secretary.  It’s made of spelter and has the original finish.


I love the large French statue we found of mother and child.  It  has the most amazing colors from the original paint and it is also signed.    The Madonna and Christ Child came in from France and it’s in lovely muted colors.  The Sister Cabrini statue is a rare one as it stands on a round wood plinth with brass plaque, and she also still has the original glass dome.


This Our Lady of Victory statue is going to be a hard one for me to let go of.  She’s a storied piece with her flaky and shabby appearance.  She has layers of old paint and hues of underlying colors showing through here and there.  This depiction of Mary and the Christ Child are becoming quite hard to find, especially with this kind of finish, making her much sought after by collectors.  She will not last long once she is listed in Edith & Evelyn.


This fabulous French benetier and Sacred Heart ex voto arrived in some of our shipments from France.   The holy water font is covered in old petrol blue French velvet.  The sacred heart ex voto is a large one and has a wonderful vintage silk ribbon attached.   In case you aren’t familiar with what an ex voto is, here is a little history.  Ex-votos (from the Latin phrase ex-voto suscepto, meaning ‘from the vow made’) were – and still are – carried as devotional objects and to give thanks for granted wishes, prayers and intentions. Also know as Sacred Hearts, they can be traced to the 11th century. They gained popularity in the 17th century when a French nun named Marguerite-Marie Alacoque experienced visions of Jesus Christ, in which he spoke to her and showed her his heart, entwined with thorns and flames and surmounted by a cross. She devoted herself and her country to the veneration of his heart, and established a Sacred Heart feast day. The Sacred Heart became a popular emblem worn for protection against danger and disease. The antique ones are highly sought after and very collectible, sometimes difficult to find.   There are many reproductions on the market and even those can be quite pricey.  This one came directly from France and it is vintage.


We also found some French mustard pots, a vintage French cafe au lait bowl, and three fablous milk glass hands!



Trophies are always a score and this one is most unusual.



Love these antique French opera glasses.  I have quite a few in my own personal collection so these will definitely be going into the shop.


This little antique mantle clock will be hard for me to let go of.  Topped with a precious little cherub, it is made of spelter and very ornate with a gorgeous porcelain dial face.  I’m not even sure if it works, though I rarely care if they do.  For me, it’s the aged beauty in these old mantle clocks that call my name.



We were also able to find some great vintage books this time, some in French.  And I don’t normally gravitate toward the old shoe forms but I loved the graphics on this one so it came home with me.


If you see anything you are interested in purchasing, please send me a message through the blog or message our Facebook page.  Everything is going into our online store but it may take me several weeks to get it all listed since I am also doing this home renovation at the same time!  Thank you for visiting!  We love new friends, so please feel free to comment, like, share, and follow!



A Man of the Cloth Estate Find….A Curiosity


This is such a curiosity!  As many of you know,  I love collecting (and selling) antique and religious artifacts.  


We recently found this amazing religious shield in France and we were very intrigued with it.  Not only because of it’s religious nature but also the paint colors and the iconology in the piece.


Once it arrived from France, we carefully unpacked it and was relieved to see that it had arrived unscathed.  

However, the mystery wasn’t solved!


I am very curious as to what the symbology means!  

So if anyone has a clue, please enlighten me!



It is rather large, measuring 39.5″ x 32″, made of carved wood and handpainted with wonderful religious icons and text.


I contacted the seller and asked if they had any further information on the provenance of this piece.  

From their research, they believe it is 19th century and it was acquired from the estate of a  “man of the cloth” in the town of Rouen, which is in Northern France.  

There were other shields that were acquired as well that were smaller and had painted fabric over the shields.


It is quite intriguing and we love it hanging in our home.  Every time I walk by it, I end up staring at it and trying to figure out what it symbolizes!

It is very faded so we have not been able to make out any of the text in the banner.

Keeping my fingers crossed that someone has some information!

Please share!

It is definitely a curiosity!



Latest Estate Finds!

We’ve been busy, busy, busy getting some of the latest estate finds listed in the shop!  We have found some beauties!

This is a French marble angel statue.

Isn’t she gorgeous?!?


She is solid white marble, she came out of a Pennsylvania Catholic diocese, dating to the late 1800’s.

Hesitated about selling her, but decided I would put her in the shop……she sold the same day!


Another favorite is this French Juvenia Paris mannequin.


I’m nutty about mannequins anyway, especially if they are French!  This one is from the 1940’s with the original wood stand.  Juvenia Paris mannequins are quite hard to find so we were excited when we found this one in a Georgia estate!

Probably one of my most favorite pieces that we have ever found is this:


We actually have been able to get two of these 1870-1880 plaster stations of the cross.  They are amazing works of art.  The artist was a master and reminds me a lot of the Daprato statues, however I haven’t been able to find a signature on any of them.


The pictures really don’t do them justice.


They came out of a Pennsylvania church that closed many years ago and have been stored in an attic since then.  We will probably never see another like these.

They are stunning!

And of course, we have found several trophy cups.


They are getting harder and harder to find!  I actually think my husband had some old ones many years ago when we got married…….I probably threw them out…..or donated them to Goodwill……who knew they would be so collectible now?!?

Wish I had them back.

How many times have I said that before?!?

And of course, we are always looking for lovely Madonna statues.


This one is beautiful, from Hungary with the original 1924 label on the base.


I’m crazy about this German butcher shop pig and cutting board showing all the different sections of meat!  Language is in French, German, and English!  Farm animals are suddenly becoming extremely sought after in a lot of Country French, Farmhouse, and Cottage decorating!DSC_0006

Love this old French field cross, made of cast iron, it is quite heavy!  I love these and don’t find them very often…….I’m sure when this one sells, I am going to be quite sad.  But my hubby keeps telling me that I can’t keep what I buy to sell!  And he’s right, but some things are just very special!

And some things……well, let’s just say they stay for a long time before I list them in the shop!

Sometimes, they just have to “live with me” first……

I can see him rolling his eyes as I say this!


We have also found quite a few French mustard pots and English marmalade jars recently.

Love them.

Collect them.

But also try to sell some of them and not keep them all!

Need to get back to the South for another pickin’ trip………love, love the South for finding treasure!  Will be heading that way in a couple of weeks!

I’ll let you know what we find!



“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”