Living Room Update

Living Room Update | Edith & Evelyn Vintage |

I thought I would give you a little update on the living room renovation. We are getting close to the finish line, thank goodness, and it won’t be long before I can start decorating. I love to show the “before”, … Continue reading

Fall in the Family Room and a Giveaway

Fall in the Family Room | Edith & Evelyn |

When I was a child, my mother loved the transitioning of the seasons, especially Fall. During this time of the year, she would make trips to the garden center and our local orchard, bringing in mums, apples and pumpkins. Our … Continue reading

Our Home is Featured | Casa da Sogno

Home Feature in Casa da Sogno Magazine

“Dear Cindy, I’m a journalist and I write for the Italian print magazine Casa da Sogno. I have visited your website and your house tour. I would like to feature your home in the magazine. Can you please contact me? … Continue reading

An Old Angel and a Giveaway!

Living in a house that is under a total renovation is chaotic but can also have some advantages………there are so many things still tucked away in storage rooms that when I finally bring them out, I get to experience my joy at having them all over again!  Such is the case with one of my favorite finds, this old church angel.DSC_0119

She originally came out of a closed church in Chicago and since we moved into the timewarp, she’s been tucked away in a room that is piled high with furniture and other items waiting for the right place to display her.


I was digging around in this storage room the other day for something else, and she caught my eye, standing sentinel over the “piled high”, gloomy room.  And I had the sudden urge to bring her out where we can see her on a daily basis.  She’s quite heavy and large, measuring 53″ tall and made of solid plaster.   



I placed her in the foyer, at the bottom of the staircase, even though this part of the house is still not renovated, so that I could see her every time I go into my office or to the front door.  I put her crown back on her head, topped her scepter with a small gold metal crown, wrapped the antique rosary, a gift from my son, around her hand, and put the gilded metal wings on her back.


Now, she is complete and ready to watch over the rest of our home as it goes through it’s many changes!

And now for the giveaway!

We are doing a little giveaway as a thank you to our over 18,000 followers!  We are so grateful for each and every one of you and feel blessed each time the “like” button is clicked!  So………in reflection of that, we are giving away one of our custom made hymn boards!


Made of solid wood, it has an old world antique finish and features the slide in cards with song lyrics of the Doxology.  This hymn is one of my favorites that we have always sung in the Episcopal church and I know many of you are familiar with it as well.  I catch myself humming {under my breath, and not very loud because…. I can’t sing!} this song quite often, so I thought it was fitting that they be featured.

We recently started carrying these in our shop and everyone has loved them!


One lucky winner will be chosen by on Dec. 19th and…….if you like, the hymn board can be customized with your choice of hymn or scripture, and church name and date.



It’s easy to enter!  Just leave a comment about how you would display it and share it, tweet it, like it, or pin it!  For a second entry, head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment there as well!

Good luck!

~Update 12/19/14~

Congratulations to our winner of the custom hymn board:

Jo Lynne Plaster Wedel

Jo Anne, please message us with your info!