My Favorite Estate Sale

My Favorite Estate Sale | Edith & Evelyn |

We just returned from my favorite estate sale on the Gulf Coast. It’s a monthly estate sale, held the first weekend of every month in Mobile, Alabama. When we lived down there, I never missed a sale, but now that … Continue reading

A Little Vintage Treasure

Early last week, we decided to take a little trip down South to visit our three children in Alabama and Florida. And of course, it also provided an opportunity to stop at some of our favorite spots to search for … Continue reading

Fresh Picks

We just returned from a few days of treasure hunting in my favorite Southern locale and found some amazing things.  Opening the boxes once they were unloaded from the trailer was as much fun as Christmas morning!


I like to get it all spread out and look at it after it is unpacked.  Sometimes when we are at these estate sales, we have to act very quickly and just grab items when we see them lest they be grabbed by someone else!  Many times, I don’t get a close look at them until I get them home and get them unpacked.



As soon as the doors opened at this estate sale, I head in one direction and hubby heads in another, trying to cover as much ground as we can.  Luckily, he knows exactly what I am looking for and is developing a pretty good eye.


We found some gorgeous things that I am going to have a very hard time letting go of.  Some beautiful antique religious pieces (my weakness) from France made my heart skip a beat when I saw them.  Beautiful antique French altar frontal banners with the most amazing appliques and beading.  The altar frontals are appliqued with the extremely rare agnus dei and pelican symbols.  These are two that I have been in search of for quite some time.   



These were used in the French churches during high mass and the beading, appliques, and needlework are works of art.  I almost got lightheaded when I spied them!


We also picked this gorgeous marble Holy Spirit altar piece, a stunning white marble French crucifix, a beautiful pair of chalices still in the original velvet box, a couple of lovely Mary statues………



…….some very large trophy cups, bronze cherub sconces, old scales, french books, mannequins……..


…….an amazing piece of antique architectural salvage, the spire off of a church,  French statues, clocks……….



……..marble busts and icons, and many other small items.  We also came back with some big French dough bowl trenchers, French grain sacks, one of them monogrammed (these are getting harder to find), wicker wrapped French demijohns, some seltzer bottles and an old bottle crate.


And of course we found sheep!  We are always looking for sheep, we love them and can’t keep them in the shop.  We found several nativity sheep and this wonderful old print of a shepherd herding his sheep that has the best look to it!



This particular sale was filled with so many European religious pieces from a large collector in New Orleans.  We had the best time even if it was a whirlwind trip!  Now it’s time to see what I can part with and get it listed in the shop!  That’s the hard part…….because I only buy what I love for the shop, it’s sometimes a little difficult to let it go!  




Yes, I did manage to find a couple of French chairs…………..

I know, I know……

I probably need an intervention at this point!



Estate Sale Picks and Shipments from France

We found some wonderful vintage treasure at an estate sale last weekend and some of my shipments from France are finally coming in!  They are so much fun to unpack.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the pieces that have recently arrived.


This has been the week for religious statues, I couldn’t believe how many we found on our picking trip as well as a few special ones that arrived in our French shipment.  Two of the Madonna’s are quite large and make quite a statement.  We found one that is also carved wood, which is a rarity.  Those don’t come along very often.


I love cherubs and we found some really cute ones on this trip.  This one is part of an old Victorian ink well.  It’s a pretty large size and would look amazing sitting on a desk or secretary.  It’s made of spelter and has the original finish.


I love the large French statue we found of mother and child.  It  has the most amazing colors from the original paint and it is also signed.    The Madonna and Christ Child came in from France and it’s in lovely muted colors.  The Sister Cabrini statue is a rare one as it stands on a round wood plinth with brass plaque, and she also still has the original glass dome.


This Our Lady of Victory statue is going to be a hard one for me to let go of.  She’s a storied piece with her flaky and shabby appearance.  She has layers of old paint and hues of underlying colors showing through here and there.  This depiction of Mary and the Christ Child are becoming quite hard to find, especially with this kind of finish, making her much sought after by collectors.  She will not last long once she is listed in Edith & Evelyn.


This fabulous French benetier and Sacred Heart ex voto arrived in some of our shipments from France.   The holy water font is covered in old petrol blue French velvet.  The sacred heart ex voto is a large one and has a wonderful vintage silk ribbon attached.   In case you aren’t familiar with what an ex voto is, here is a little history.  Ex-votos (from the Latin phrase ex-voto suscepto, meaning ‘from the vow made’) were – and still are – carried as devotional objects and to give thanks for granted wishes, prayers and intentions. Also know as Sacred Hearts, they can be traced to the 11th century. They gained popularity in the 17th century when a French nun named Marguerite-Marie Alacoque experienced visions of Jesus Christ, in which he spoke to her and showed her his heart, entwined with thorns and flames and surmounted by a cross. She devoted herself and her country to the veneration of his heart, and established a Sacred Heart feast day. The Sacred Heart became a popular emblem worn for protection against danger and disease. The antique ones are highly sought after and very collectible, sometimes difficult to find.   There are many reproductions on the market and even those can be quite pricey.  This one came directly from France and it is vintage.


We also found some French mustard pots, a vintage French cafe au lait bowl, and three fablous milk glass hands!



Trophies are always a score and this one is most unusual.



Love these antique French opera glasses.  I have quite a few in my own personal collection so these will definitely be going into the shop.


This little antique mantle clock will be hard for me to let go of.  Topped with a precious little cherub, it is made of spelter and very ornate with a gorgeous porcelain dial face.  I’m not even sure if it works, though I rarely care if they do.  For me, it’s the aged beauty in these old mantle clocks that call my name.



We were also able to find some great vintage books this time, some in French.  And I don’t normally gravitate toward the old shoe forms but I loved the graphics on this one so it came home with me.


If you see anything you are interested in purchasing, please send me a message through the blog or message our Facebook page.  Everything is going into our online store but it may take me several weeks to get it all listed since I am also doing this home renovation at the same time!  Thank you for visiting!  We love new friends, so please feel free to comment, like, share, and follow!



Sneak Peek at the Latest Finds

Last week saw hubby and I hit the road for some pickin’ to find some new treasures for Edith & Evelyn Vintage.  We picked up a few things locally but  found much more when we headed into the deep South, which just happens to be my favorite place to junk hunt.  I’m never disappointed in what we find there and this time we brought back a trailer load!




Buying only what I love, and would use in my own home, is sometimes a double edged sword, because I want to keep it all!  But I don’t……….usually!  Once in awhile I find a piece that I absolutely can’t part with and it needs to live with me for a little bit.  Sometimes I end up selling it a few months later or swapping it for something I already own and putting that piece into the shop.  It’s a way of trading up!


We found some lovelies on this trip…….this cherub candelabra lamp was a real find and hubby is actually the one that found it!  I didn’t even get a chance to get a good look at it until after we had returned home and unloaded.  It’s a beauty!  Looks like my “hubby training” is finally paying off!



We found some gorgeous old original wood Italian Florentine tables, a stunning signed French bust, cherub statuary, several great chandeliers, and some beautiful religious prints.




One of my favorite pieces found on this trip is a lovely old Madonna statue in gorgeous white and blue colors.  I believe she was once housed in a shrine that hung on the wall but now the statue is all that is left.



And of course, I can’t seem to be able to resist a good French chair.  These two came home with me and will get some new upholstery, perhaps grain sack or linen.  And they may even end up in the shop……..we’ll see……….Hubby feels like I’m becoming a hoarder when it comes to frenchy chairs……. I feel like I haven’t quite reached that status…yet…but perhaps if I sell a few along the way, he will feel better………



We also have restocked the antique European dough bowl trenchers and European grain sacks, they will be back in the shop in the next few days.  This smaller size European scale with the original brass pans was also a great find.  I don’t see these very often, especially with the fabulous writing on the side!



Something else we loved finding is a pair of old tole bed crowns, you can see a little peek of them in this photo with the white metal leaves and flowers.




Now it’s time to get everything photographed and listed in the shop.  I’m not planning on keeping any of these goodies, so they will all go to Edith & Evelyn Vintage!






Neither Sleet, Nor Snow, Nor Dead of Night……….

……..will keep us from finding the junk!  Or in this case, vintage treasure!  We left last Wednesday, heading South for our favorite estate sale on the Gulf Coast.  Arriving right behind us was our first snow storm of the winter.  As we left Southwest Missouri behind, we knew that it could possibly be a challenge on our return trip home on Friday, and considered not going………but the thrill of finding vintage treasure won out!




We arrived on the Gulf Coast to a balmy 75-80 degrees and lots of humidity……..I had forgotten how much my naturally curly hair “loves humidity”! Everyone was still walking around in tee shirts and shorts!  I lived in this area for 25 years and always missed cold weather during the Christmas season. For me, balmy weather doesn’t put me in the Christmas mode.  I know, I’m a weirdo!   




We didn’t find as much at this estate sale as we have in the past, but we were still very pleased with our finds!




While there, we kept an eye on the weather, getting updates and road conditions and soon realized that the return trip was going to be an interesting one. Hubby had to be at work the next day, so we really needed to get back.  




We got in line early on the first morning of the estate sale (6:30 a.m.) which was actually a little later than I like getting there……many people were already camped out.  As soon as the doors opened at 8:00 a.m., we made a mad dash for things we could spy from across the room.  Luckily we were able to nab most of what I wanted!  And the furniture……….oh my gosh……the most amazing furniture to be had, at unbelievably good prices.  I didn’t have room to bring much back in the way of furniture other than a sweet French side table and a lovely Italian gilt chair.  Next time though, I’m seriously thinking a trailer might be in order!  Can you sense hubby’s eye roll here??




Making fast work of it, we checked out and got everything loaded into the SUV and headed back to Southwest Missouri.  We knew that once we hit Arkansas, it was going to be slow going, and unfortunately we were not wrong!



A normal drive time for this trip is 10 hours, but this time it took us 13 hours to get back, driving in ice and snow, darkness, lots of wrecks and cars off the roads.  Most of the time we couldn’t even tell where the lanes were, we just tried to stay between the ditches!  Very grateful for all wheel drive!

It was a very intense drive back and we were exhausted once we finally pulled into our snow packed driveway, 13 long hours later.  I’m not sure I want to repeat the experience, and I am very grateful that hubby was driving.  We have both agreed that the treasure hunting may have to wait next time if these circumstances repeat themselves!


I actually love snow and winter, especially during Christmas, I just don’t enjoy having to travel in it!  We found some great vintage goodies though and can’t wait to get them all cleaned up and listed in the shop!  Come visit!

Stay safe and warm…………..Blessings,


Junk Diaries


It’s 5:00 a.m. and still pitch black outside. On our way to the car, hubby and I grab coffee to go.  

We are heading to one of my favorite monthly estate sales.  The doors won’t open until 8:oo a.m., but for me, if you are here later than 6:30 a.m., you are just too late.


We drive into the deserted parking lot and go around behind the warehouse to the area that houses the monthly estate sale.  And as usual, we aren’t the first ones here.  Two other early birds are already standing in line.  I recognize them, they have been coming to this estate sale as long as we have.  I’ve yet to be the first to arrive no matter what time I get here.  What do these people do, sleep in their cars?  Well…..ok,  I have thought about it. 



Hubby and I get in line and wait for the outer doors to open which will allow us to get inside an outer “porch” area a little earlier than the 8:00 a.m. start time.  This area is filled with all kinds of antique and vintage furniture, garden decor, and lots of miscellaneous.  This enables us to “shop”  this small “holding” area while we wait for the main doors to open.  



Once inside the “holding area”, the goal is to get a seat as close to the main door as you can, so that you can be first through and snag the treasure before anyone else can!  I’ve only been first through that door one time.  I literally stood with my back against that door so that no one could get in front of me, giving everyone the evil eye, daring them to even try to get past me.  It worked, but it was very exhausting.



There are always those late comers that break in line no matter what.  I’ve been going to this particular sale for a number of years and I’ve come to observe that it is the same people every time.  They have almost an entitled air about them.  One little Southern lady (I shall call her “Aunt Edna”)  always arrives late to this sale, always saunters right to the front, grabs a stool, chair, box, or whatever else is handy, and plants herself right by the door, totally immune to the looks of outrage from other buyers that have been waiting since the crack of dawn.


 Nothing and no one stops “Aunt Edna” from sitting right at the main door.  It used to really irritate me………ok, let’s be honest,  it still does……..but I finally realized that she was there to shop the $1.00 table items…..and I’m not……so we’re cool…..sort of.


 So as “Aunt Edna” works her way up to the door, finds her chair, and plants herself by the entrance, I  just breathe and smile and grit. my. teeth.   Of course, I also have to elbow hubby in the ribs to remind him that he is mumbling unrepeatable things under his breath about Aunt Edna.  Where is your Southern charm?!?


 Approximately 10 minutes before the doors open, everyone starts standing and slowly inching toward the doors so that by the time they do actually open, you can feel everyone behind you pushing and crowding as close as they can.  


I started out this morning third in line, as I go through the door I’m probably number 20!


  Everyone is running, or at the very least, walking very quickly to the area that they just know holds the long awaited treasure of their dreams!  


 It’s rainbows, and puppies, chocolate chip cookies, and the sun shining through the clouds after a storm.  It’s fantastic.  I love it.  I wouldn’t change a thing!  It’s part of the thrill of the hunt and finding that special treasure!  


I can’t wait to do it all over again!


Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of some of the vintage lovelies that we brought back from this latest trip!  

They will be going into the shop in the next few days so come on over to and check us out!


Cindy  (and the angels that watch over me, Edith & Evelyn)

What is Wrong with People?!?


I find myself asking this question a lot lately.

Where is the common sense, decency, courtesy?


What am I talking about?


Well, packing materials, of course!


You see, operating an online vintage business that sometimes seems to be growing faster than you can keep up with…………not complaining……..means logging tons of hours buying, picking, junking, and searching for just the right pieces to go into the shop.  We seem to be in “junkin’ mode” 24/7.  Which is great because I would rather “junk” than eat!   I’m extremely picky about what I sell, it has to reflect me and my personality and what I love!  If I don’t love it and want it in my home, then I don’t buy it!

I digress. 



We use many resources to find unique vintage and antique pieces that reflect E & E’s style.  One such resource is through online auctions, so I spend a fair amount of time on the internet when we aren’t on the road on buying trips.  Which means, not only do I send large amounts of shipments out, but I also receive large quantities of shipments as well, many from Europe as well as in the US.


Yes…….my mailman hates me.  

I’m working on our relationship.


I have been shocked at the variety of packing materials that people choose to pack with.

Which brings me back to my original question, “What is wrong with people?!?”


You’re thinking, foam peanuts, crushed newspaper, bubble wrap, etc., right??



I have opened packages, some being very fragile expensive pieces, filled with empty 1 litre coke bottles, egg cartons (I get a lot of those), doggie pee pads (unused, thank goodness), socks, paper towels, bed pillows, empty cereal boxes, and a shoe……just to name a few!


But my most recent shipment contained an all time best!  

One that made me go, “Ewww!  What is wrong with people?!?”



Stained sheets!


Now, let’s say it all together, shall we?  “What is wrong with people?!?”

DSC_0587 - Copy

The shipment also contained an old blanket, stained as well, I’m sure.  But once I put the rubber gloves on to remove the sheets, I tried not to examine the blanket.

Always an adventure!

New vintage goodies going into the shop this week!  Take a look!