The China Cabinet Transformation

I’ve had this great French Provincial china cabinet sitting in the garage for awhile, just waiting for it’s transformation.  I bought it about 8 months ago at an estate sale and knew that it would fit perfectly into an inset area in the family room.

Here is what the cabinet looked like when we brought it home from the estate sale.

The China Cabinet Transformation | Edith & Evelyn |

And here is my inspiration photo from Annie Sloan’s book, (aff link) “Color Recipes for Painted Furniture”, and knew that I wanted to try to duplicate the look with just the right piece.

This china cabinet fit the bill.


Here is what she looks like after her transformation!  Not exactly like Annie’s piece, but close!



I am loving the way it turned out!  In case you haven’t been following along, we have been completely renovating our 1970’s fixer upper home, room by room.

As we breathe new life into each room, we are lightening everything up with neutral colors of white and gray.


I love adding pops of color against all the neutral background colors and blue is one of my favorite colors to work with.

Plus it works great with the gray tones we are using on the walls.


The family room is just off the kitchen and it has a small inset area next to the patio doors.

I wanted a “frenchy” style cabinet that I could display some of my French religious collectibles in.  I think this piece worked out perfectly!



I painted the inside with ASCP Aubusson Blue. Annie used Greek Blue in her piece, but I didn’t have that color and really didn’t want to go buy any.

I painted the French buffet in the kitchen with Aubusson Blue as one of the base colors and loved how it turned out, so I went with that color on the inside of this cabinet.




Aubusson Blue is a strong blue and since the cabinet interior will be in shadow during different times of the day, I wanted a strong color on the inside.



The base coat on the outside is ASCP French Linen, another favorite color of mine.  It’s a gorgeous darker gray.

I ended up doing two coats of the French Linen and once it was dry, I added a coat of clear wax.



Once the coat of clear wax was dry, I mixed up a thin wash of ASCP Paris Gray and Old White.

 I thinned it with water and taking one section at a time, brushed on the the thin wash, then taking a rag, I dragged it through the paint to create a washed, dragged, and distressed effect.


I then took a fine sanding sponge and did some light distressing to the edges.


The top coat was a mix of clear and dark wax.  I like to mix a bit of dark wax into some of the clear wax, keeping it in a separate tub.  This mixture gives me an antiqued look without dealing with full strength dark wax, which can be hard to manipulate sometimes.


After letting the cabinet dry for 24 hours, I buffed it with a soft towel to give it a wonderful sheen.


It fits perfectly into the inset in the family room and I love the colors.  I’m slowly getting some of the French religious pieces placed inside.  At some point, we may add interior lighting to the cabinet, but for now, we will leave it just as is!


The family room is finished and we love the way it turned out. I’m sure it will get tweaked many times, but it’s nice to have the major renovation completed.  The dining room will be next and we have already started on it.  It’s another room that is directly off the kitchen, so it will be nice to see that one completed.  The popcorn ceiling is already scraped and we are working on removing the avocado green flocked wallpaper!  Fun times!

Cheers, Cindy

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  1. Hello Cindy! A quick question.. I saw I other photos that this cabinet now has chicken wire on the doors… did you remove the glass to put these in or is the chicken wire behind the door? Can you tell me how this was done? I have the opportunity to get a cabinet that is very similar (to display my French pitcher collection) and your cabinet is such an inspiration! Thanks !

    • Hi Jessie! Yes, we removed the glass from the doors and replaced it with chicken wire. We’ve saved the glass in case we want to switch it back later on. The glass was held in with a thin moulding that we removed which allowed us to remove the glass. Then we cut sections of chicken wire slightly larger than the opening and stapled it into the back side of the doors. I hope this helps!

  2. Beautiful collection. It really is so lovely and you are so talented at displaying it so beautifully.

  3. Perfection! I do love the Aubusson on the inside. Just wondering why you put clear wax between the French Linen and the lighter wash layer. It certainly worked out beautifully. And, how I adore your religious collection – ❤️the sheep!

  4. Came out great ! like the way the interior color compliments your collection of Holy figurines. very nice.

  5. The finish you got on your china cabinet is just dreamy and so much like the inspiration piece. And it’s a gorgeous as your collection that is housed in it! Thanks so much for linking up to Friday’s Furniture Fix!

  6. What a lovely piece of furniture you have created! It is the perfect way to showcase all your beautiful statues – my favorite is that wonderful Crucifix top and center.

  7. Your cabinet and room transformation is stunning! The colors you used have inspired me to try something different on a small secretary and hutch that I will be painting.

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  9. Forgot to add… AS Aubusson blue is a favorite of mine…I used it on a chest in my living room a few years ago. Love how it makes your pretty displays on the inside pop!

  10. Just found you over at Anita’s and I’m so glad I did…love your style!! That hutch is a beauty and Iove your religous collection inside! Your newest follower 🙂

  11. Wow, what a beautiful piece. My dining room hutch is very similar in colors that I painted a few years ago with ASCP. I didn’t even have her book. You have created a beauty and I love your collection displayed. So glad to find your blog through Anita’s.

  12. Oh how I wished I lived in America. Your houses are large enough to take all the fabulous furniture you revamp. Your kitchen is amazing as is the cabinet you have just finished. I have tried in vain to get Valspar antiquing glaze in the UK but they dont sell it here. Does mixing AS dark and clear wax have the same effect? Cant wait to see the rest of your house.

    UK sad Judi

    • Judi, Yes, I think if you mixed a dab of Annie Sloan dark wax with some of the clear, that would work. When applying, if you feel like you’ve got too much, then wipe again with clear wax on a soft cloth and it will remove some of the dark. I rarely use the dark wax full strength, I always use the mix, it’s easier to manage.

      • Thank you so much for your advice. I will give it a try. I cant wait to get over there cos instead of sight seeing im sure I will spend my days in Lowes etc.

  13. Your cabinet is absolutely fabulous! And all of the photos are so pretty. Are the bibles from your family or are they a collection? I am anxious to see your den.

    • Jo Ann, most of the bibles are family bibles, though there are a few antique French bibles mixed in as well! I have to get a sofa in place and a little tweaking done, then we will be ready for the den reveal! Stay tuned!