How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

I get asked all of the time about how to paint a brick fireplace. It’s one of the easiest updates you can do and painting brick is no more difficult than painting a wall!

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

Covering your fireplace with a coat of paint can modernize it’s appearance and bring new life into your room.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

This is what the brick fireplace in our family room looked like when we bought our home.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

It was just your basic red brick fireplace, but like everything else in the home, it felt outdated and I wanted it to be brought into the 21st century like the rest of our renovated rooms.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

I selected a paint color that enhanced our family room’s color palette and decor style, choosing Sherwin Williams Pavestone.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of each step, but it was a very simple process.

The only supplies you will need:

drop cloth (for the floor)

painter’s tape (to mask off the edges of the adjoining walls and floor)


interior latex paint (in the color of your choice)

roller for rough surfaces or angled brush

First, clean the fireplace brick. I used a warm soapy solution with a little bit of vinegar added in, and just used a stiff brush to scrub it really well.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

After I cleaned it really well with the soapy solution, I let it dry really well and then I painted a coat of primer on the brick, letting it dry completely.

Then paint the brick in an interior latex paint, in the color and finish of your choice. I used a semi gloss finish.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

You can roll the paint on with a roller made for rough surfaces or use a brush.

I used an angled brush so that I could work it into the grout areas.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

After the first coat was completely dry to the touch, ususally a couple of hours, I painted a second coat.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

I get lots of questions asking if I painted the grout a darker color.

I didn’t, it’s the same color as the brick. It probably just shows up darker in photos, but it is all the same color.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace | Edith & Evelyn |

That’s all there is to it! A quick and easy update that makes a large impact.

One word of warning, however. It is nearly impossible to remove the paint from the brick once the paint is dry, making the change pretty permanent.

Be sure before you paint!


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  1. Love this project. I think this will push us to get it done. You chose Pavestone for the fireplace. Could you please tell me the wall color? Thanks

  2. Hello Cindy,everything looks fabulous !
    Could you tell me what you did to bookshelf step after step please

  3. Just brought a house I’m definitely doing this to the fireplace since it’s currently painted black wish me luck

  4. Hi, Cindy, could you please tell me the color of the built in book case? Would that be the same as the trim color, Snowbound? Thank you so much! Jennifer

  5. We just finished painting our outside brick and love it and are ready to tackle our inside dark brown brick fireplace, so this is so inspirational! We used a gray ‘whitewash’ on our outside brick and love it. What color did you use on this, full strength or washed and how many coats?

  6. This is gorgeous and just what I need to do to our home from 1977.
    Did you paint the inside of the fireplace? Ours is the same red brick as the exterior and dirty.

    • Hi Liz! We didn’t paint the inside of the firebox, however, there is a heat resistant paint that can be used to paint inside if you need to. Good luck!

  7. It really doesn’t seem that hard at all… I have a friend looking to paint her fireplace, that’s why I ended up here (she arbitrarily decide I’m helping haha) already saved this here for future reference, thank you!

  8. What a beautiful transformation. It is so soft and inviting. One wouldn’t realize the red brick could be so harsh, until you see what you have done. Just lovely.

    I am in love with your fireplace screen – gorgeous!

  9. ~Cindy~

    I love love this room so inviting to come sit a spell !! I notice the ceiling , did you put up new drywall too??

    Daily prayers of comfort and knowing our Lords loving kindness is new every morning, dear friend you are not alone.


  10. What a difference that made – from wild wild west to 2017 chic. One question: is the grout painted the same color as the brick? In some pics it looks a little darker which is nice. Well done, madam!

    • Hi Maggie! The grout is the same color as the brick, it just appears darker in some of the photos.

  11. What a big difference! The painted brick looks beautiful! You took it from drab to fab…lol…I think it turned out gorgeous…
    How are you doing? I’m still praying for you all…

    • Thank you, sweet Mari! We are hanging in there, taking a day at a time, spending each day with my sister as we walk through these final days with her. Thank you so much for the prayers, they are keeping us going.

  12. Hi Cindy!

    Looks awesome…I love the basket with the burlap and flowers and I especially love the little lamb with the rosary….hehe too cute. What a great idea to angle the built-in cabinet, that looks really nice. You do such lovely things and have great ideas!

    Much love,